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Cheat: Chris Paul's second go-to-move
Chris Paul has a second go-to-move other than his run and throw up shot. He has almost the same go-to-move as Derron Williams. Do the same as you would with Derron's go-to-move. Press the Analog-stick Left or Right + Circle (Shoot).
Cheat: Hidden go-to-move
The superstars of the game have go-to moves, but not all have videos. Kevin Durant has a go-to-move. He has no video with it. Press Left Analog-stick Left or Right + Circle (Shoot) to do his dribble juke step go-to-move.
Cheat: Sneakers
To unlock the following Adidas sneakers for your use, insert the corresponding codes into the in-game extras menu.

23DN1PPOG4 - Gil Zero All-Star

ADGILLIT0B8 - TS Lightswitch (Away)

ADGILLIT1B9 - Gil Wood

ADGILLIT2BA - TS Lightswitch (Home)


ADGILLIT5BD - Customize

ADGILLIT6BE - Agent Zero

FE454DFJCC - Duncan All-Star
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