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Cheat: Big head and Shadow Crash
To introduce a cheat, pause the game, hold the block/dodge button and press one of the following sequences. To disable a cheat, simply press the same sequence again.

Big Head Crash - Punch-Punch-Kick-Jump

Shadow Crash - Kick-Punch-Kick-Jump
Cheat: Easier jacks
Wear a skin that matches the creature to be backed. A single hit will knock it out, allowing it to be jacked easily.
Cheat: Skins
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin for Crash

Effect How to unlock
Battler skinJack 35 Battlers
Bratgirl skinDefeat 130 Brat Girls
Doom Monkey skinDefeat 500 Doom Monkeys
EE-Lectric skinJack 50 EE-Lectrics
Goar skinJack 30 Goars
Goar skinJack 30 Goars
Halloween skinComplete 50% of the game
Koo-ala skinDefeat 150 Koo-Alas
Magmadon skinJack 50 Magmadons
Ratnician skinDefeat 200 Ratnicians
Rhinoroller skinJack 30 Rhinorollers
Scorporilla skinJack 15 Scorporillas
Shellephant skinJack 15 Shellephants
Sludge skinJack 50 Sludges
Snipe skinJack 50 Snipes
Spike skinJack 50 Spikes
Stench skinJack 50 Stenches
Valentine skinCollect all Gold Idols
Voodoo Bunnie skinDefeat 200 Voodoo Bunnies

Cheat: Unlimited time Ye Old Skool
Complete the game to unlock the "Ye' Old Skool" with unlimited time.
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