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Cheat: Cheat mode
Press Z + Plus to start entering a code. If you make a mistake press Z + Minus to cancel the commands.
Cheat: Cheat Mode
At the stage select screen, Hold Z and press +

Double Fist power

Swing your Nunchuck Right-> Swing your remote left-> Swing your nunchuck right while swinging your remote left->Swing both remote and nunchuck down.

Tail power

Swing your Wiimote Down, Up, Left, and Right
Cheat: Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game to unlock a long sword that is the same as the Dragon Blade with double the reach.
Cheat: Dragon Double Arm
Enter "Cheat mode", then swing Nunchuk Right, swing Wiimote Left, swing Nunchuk Right + Wiimote Left, swing Nunchuk Down + Wiimote Down.
Cheat: Dragon Head
Swing Wiimote Right, swing Wiimote Down, swing Nunchuck Left, swing Nunchuck Right.
Cheat: Dragon Tail
Enter "Cheat mode", then swing Wiimote Down, swing Wiimote Up, swing Wiimote Left, swing Wiimote Right.
Cheat: Dragon Wings
Swing Nunchuck Up + Wiimote Up, swing Nunchuck Down + Wiimote Down, swing Nunchuck Right + Wiimote Left, swing Nunchuck Left + Wiimote Right.
Cheat: Easy mode Dragon Forms
Press 2 + Z when selecting the "New Game" option.
Cheat: Hard mode Dragon Forms
Press 1 + C when selecting the "New Game" option.
Cheat: Level select
Press the Minus + Plus when selecting the "New Game" or "Load Game" options.
Cheat: Long Sword
Beat the game once.
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