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Cheat: Magu Tapa
At Ship's Rest at night after you've found the Shark Tooth.
Cheat: Partner locations

Partner Location
Song Task
BelugaIn the 'Prince's Room' in the Ruins once unlocked.
Bottlenose DolphinAt Central Hall in the Ruins (also found during basic training).
Commerson's DolphinSouth west of Marige Atoll (Mo'ia Atoll).
Common DolphinAt Dolphin Rock near Sunshine Beach.
False Killer WhaleIn or near the White Room of the Caves.
Orca (Killer Whale)In the Ocean's Graveyard/Ship's Rest around the highest wingtip of the crashed plane (once unlocked).
Pacific White-sided DolphinBelow the Sloping Hallway (Entryway Slope) at E5.
Risso's DolphinIn the Secret Cave in the Abyss.
Benedictus (Hayley Westenra)Visit the Abyss.

Cheat: Songs
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding song.

Song Task
Benedictus (Hayley Westenra)Visit the Abyss.

Cheat: Unlockable Songs
The Water is Wide: Unlocked by watching the credits.

Shenandoah: Unlocked by entering "The Great Aqua Cave".

River of Dreams: Unlocked by entering the White Room of "The Great Aqua Cave".

Pokarekare Ana: Free the bottlenose dolphin from "The Lagoon".

Hine e Hine: Cave in the roof of "The Ruins".

E Pari Ra: Unlocked by visiting "Ship's Rest".

Benedictus (Hayley Westenra): Unlocked by visiting "The Abyss".

Amazing Grace: Unlocked by visiting "Mo'ia Atoll" ruins.

Hayley's Medley: Unlock all the other songs.

Hayley's Medley song consists of all of Westenra's songs in random order.
Cheat: View Staff Credits
When it's sunset in-game (after 6pm - use the clock in the boat's cabin to see the time), sit on the deck chair, and look out over the horizon as usual to view a special cut-scene with Staff Credits.
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