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Cheat: Cheat Gnome
Quickly press B, Z, Up, Down, B while on a lot to spawn the Cheat Gnome. It appears at different locations, depending on which island you are on, and must be found. The following codes can be enabled, which will unlock the corresponding options on the Cheat Gnome after it is found.

All motives

Quickly press Minus, Plus, Z, Z, A.

All plans

Quickly press Plus, Plus, Minus, Minus, Z.

All crafting resources

Quickly press A, A, Down, Down, A.

Maximum current food and resources

Quickly press Left, Right, Left, right, A.

Maximum relationships

Quickly press Z, Plus, A, B, 2.

Add one to skill

Quickly press 2, Up, Right, Z, Right.
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