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Cheat: Bonus items

Item How to unlock
Scenario How to unlock
BatteryDark Legacy 2 with an "S" rank.
Blue/Green Leech CharmTrain Derailment 3 with an "A" rank.
Blue/Red/Green ChemicalUmbrella's End 2 with an "A" rank.
Blue/Red/Yellow GemstoneRebirth 2 with an "A" rank.
Book of Wisdom/Future CompassRaccoon's Destruction 1 with an "S" rank.
BriefcaseTrain Derailment 1 with an "S" rank.
Chronos KeyRaccoon's Destruction 3 with an "S" rank.
Clark/Gail X-RayRebirth 1 with an "A" rank.
Crystal/Obsidian/Amber BallRaccoon's Destruction 3 with an "A" rank.
Cylinder ShaftNightmare 1 with an "A" rank.
Death MaskRebirth 2 with an "S" rank.
Eagle/Serpent/Jaguar StoneFourth Survivor with an "S" rank.
Emblem/Gold EmblemNightmare 2 with an "S" rank.
Film A/B/C/DUmbrella's End 1 with an "S" rank.
Fire/Water KeyBeginning 2 with an "A" rank.
Fuel CanteenMansion Incident 3 with an "S" rank.
G-VirusFourth Survivor with an "A" rank.
Great Eagle/Wolf MedalMansion Incident 1 under the Hard difficulty with an "S" rank.
Hex CrankNightmare 1 with an "S" rank.
Ink RibbonUmbrella's End 3 with an "S" rank.
Joint N/S PlugRaccoon's Destruction 2 with an "A" rank.
King/Knight/Bishop/Rook PlugDark Legacy 1 with an "A" rank.
Last Book, Vol. 1/2Nightmare 2 with an "A" rank.
Lighter/LockpickMansion Incident 1 under the Normal difficulty with an "A" rank.
Lighter FluidRaccoon's Destruction 2 with an "S" rank.
Medium BaseDark Legacy 1 with an "S" rank.
Microfilm A/BBeginning 2 with an "S" rank.
Mixing SetTrain Derailment 1 with an "A" rank.
MO DiskMansion Incident 3 with an "A" rank.
MotherboardBeginning 1 with an "A" rank.
Picture (Ada and John)Death's Door with an "A" rank.
Plastic Bomb/DetonatorUmbrella's End 1 with an "A" rank.
Relief of Discipline/Obedience/UnityTrain Derailment 2 with an "S" rank.
S.T.A.R.S. Card (Brad)Death's Door with an "S" rank.
S.T.A.R.S. Card (Jill)Raccoon's Destruction 1 with an "A" rank.
Slide CartridgeRebirth 1 with an "S" rank.
Spade/Diamond/Club/Heart KeyDark Legacy 2 with an "A" rank.
Square CrankUmbrella's End 2 with an "S" rank.
Statue of Good/EvilTrain Derailment 2 with an "A" rank.
Sterilizing AgentTrain Derailment 3 with an "S" rank.
Sun/Star/Moon CrestMansion Incident 2 with an "A" rank.
V-JoltMansion Incident 2 with an "S" rank.
VaccineUmbrella's End 3 with an "A" rank.
Valve HandleBeginning 1 with an "S" rank.
Beginnings 1Complete Train Derailment 3.
Beginnings 2Complete Beginnings 1 with an "A" or better rank.
Dark Legacy 1Complete Fall Of Umbrella 3.
Dark Legacy 2Complete Death's Door and Nightmare 2.
Death's DoorComplete Racoon's Destruction 3 with an "A" or better rank.
Fourth SurvivorComplete Dark Legacy 2 with an "S" rank.
Nightmare 1Complete Mansion Incident 1.
Nightmare 2Complete Nightmare 1 with an "A" or better rank.
Rebirth 1Complete Mansion Incident 3.
Rebirth 2Complete Rebirth 1.

Cheat: Cooperative mode
Complete "The Fourth Survivor" sub-mission to unlock Cooperative mode in any mission. You can now select the double pistol icon at the character selection screen to play with two players. Note: Both players will use the same character.
Cheat: Defeaitng Ivys
Wait until they open their mouths and shoot. Sometimes they can be put down with one shot.
Cheat: Defeating Cerberuses
Shoot at the head or wait till you see their faces open in your face before they bite you. You can kill them with one shot almost every time.
Cheat: Defeating Chimeras
When they are on the floor, shoot them in the head to kill them. When they are crawling on the roof, shoot them with the shotgun or an automatic because it will be difficult to kill them while they are there.
Cheat: Defeating Hunters
To kill the Hunters in one shot with any weapon, shoot them while they are jumping in the air or at you.
Cheat: Defeating Ivys
Wait until they open their mouths and shoot. Sometimes they can be put down with one shot.
Cheat: Defeating Lickers
Shoot at their heads with any weapon. Three or four criticals will kill them.
Cheat: Defeating Nemesis
In order to defeat him, throw everything you have at him. He has no weak point. Make sure you have a Magnum (level 4), assault shotgun (level 4), and MRL (level 4). Use the Magnum first. After you shoot him enough times, he will jump onto the rooftop and run around to a certain spot, where he will shoot his tentacles down the wall and pop up directly in front of you to attack. This cannot be dodged. He will then jump up and attempt to crush you. Dodge this, and repeat the process. When you run out of ammo for the Magnum and assault shotgun, use the MRL. Shoot all eight rockets at him. If he survives, finish him off with the handgun. Note: He can grab you and hold you in the air. This will damage you until you die or shoot him enough times to make him let you go.
Cheat: Defeating the Giant Worm
He will be moving left and right at the beginning, however this is just to confuse you on which side he will be attacking from. His weak point is in his mouth. You should be using the assault shotgun, Magnum, rocket launcher, or MRL. He will go underground a few times to attack you. Dodge this attack. When he comes back up, Carlos or Jill will look up into the sky. Shoot the rocks coming down and repeat the process. He will jump into the air a few times. Shoot his mouth to send him flying to the side. You must dodge one of these attacks later. Once his health gets down to half, shoot all four MRL rockets into is mouth. If he lives, finish him off with the assault shotgun. Note: In one of his attacks, he will throw cars at you. One of them will be a bus, which will take out half of your health. Shoot them to make them explode.
Cheat: Easy "S" ranks
Use the following trick to get easy "S" rank unlocks. Play Wesker's Mansion Mission (Rebirth). Play the first scenario repeatedly. Once you find all three files, all you need to worry about is time and critical hits. It is also a short mission. Playing it over and over again will not be a chore. Once you get the three files, getting an "S" rank all the time will be easy. The best time to get all your critical hits is after going up the steps. Once the zombies begin moving, aim your crosshair until the red circle blinks, then fire for an instant critical.

Every time you see a spawn of small enemies, throw a grenade to kill almost all of them. Get a number of enemy kills at the final score to get an "S" rank on that category.
Cheat: Easy points
To get easy points, replay the first level of "Train Derailment" repeatedly. It is easy to earn an "S" rank on this level. You will get 4 or 5 points for every "S" rank you earn.
Cheat: Handcannon
Play Hunk's Fourth Survivor scenario. Locate the secret room next to the front doors of the police station lobby. Watch for Hunk to look briefly towards the doors that lead to the secret room as he walks past. Quickly shoot the doors to open them. Enter the secret room and get the Handcannon from the desk on the left side.
Cheat: Special Stage mini-game
Successfully complete all scenarios, including the bonus sub-scenarios.
Cheat: Unlimited ammunition
Earn an "S" rank on all scenarios. The message "Unlimited Ammo Deactivated" will appear. This is a glitch, where "Deactivated" was used as a mistranslation for "Unlocked". Ignore the error, and enter the "Customize" menu to purchase the level 5 (unlimited ammo) upgrade.
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