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Cheat: Defeating the master of the prison
Use the Gale attack. Hit him with the gale, then run. Repeat the hit and run strategy until he has been defeated.
Cheat: Invincibility
At the menu, enter the following code. The sound of whirling wind will go off in the background when correctly entered.

Code - Effect

X, X, Square, Triangle, Start, Circle, Circle, Start - Invincibility
Cheat: Various Codes
Select the Code Entry option at the Extras menu, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Password - Effect

37437 - All Treasure Maps Unlocked

34743 - Double Damage

24463 - Infinite Chi

23637 - Infinite Copper

94677 - Infinite Health

53467 - Infinite Stealth

54641 - One Hit Dishonor

97831 - Unlocks Character Concept Gallery
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