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Cheat: Playable Characters

Character How to Unlock
Byakuya KuchikiComplete Stage 8
Captain YamamotoComplete Stage 7
GrimmjowComplete Stage 13
Hiyori SarugakiComplete Free Stage C
Kenpachi ZarakiComplete Stage 6
KonComplete Stage 14
NnoitraComplete Stage 13
Renji AbaraiComplete Stage 5
Rukia KuchikiComplete Stage 1
Shinji HirakoComplete Stage 9
Sousuke AizenComplete Stage 13 (You must beat him to get him)
Toshiro HitsugayaComplete Stage 7
UlquiorraComplete Free Stage D
Uryu IshidaComplete Stage 2
Yasutora "Chad" SadoComplete Free Stage A
Yoruichi ShihoinComplete Free Stage B

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