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Cheat: Difficulty Levels
Beating each difficulty mode will unlock the next. For example, beating Ouroboro Emulation mode will unlock Welcome to the Real World mode which continues the story which Ouroboro Emulation mode left off.

Effect - Code

Hard mode - Clear Normal mode

Normal mode - Clear Easy mode
Cheat: Lots of legend
You can have lots of legend swords,guns or any kind of legend just go to NGX8080SS final level named pointSS and fight any robot there and collect any item you may find from those robots then go to the weapon store and analize your items you will find some legend wepons. Note: you may have some problems fighting those robots and you may never find any legend if you set the difficulty level to normal you will find legend weapons anytime by killing robots at the same level.
Cheat: New Storyline
After beating the game, start a new game+, there will be a new storyline on that playthrough.
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