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Cheat: Bonus characters
Earn a Gold medal in the "Arena Del Toro" and "Getting Tanked!" levels.

Earn a Silver medal in the "Ay Mama!", "Carne Cesar", "Rooftop Ferno", "Abandon Ship!", "Nice Wheels", "Supervilla!", "The Hacienda", "The Jungle", and "Ultimate Underworld!" levels.
Cheat: Increased health and combo time
Earn a Bronze medal on a level.
Cheat: Infinite Ammo
Finish a stage while keeping your combo meter from reaching zero. You'll unlock a "chili" at the end of the stage which will get you infinite ammo on a certain weapon.

It's recommended to get Bronze medals on the stages too, which will increase your health and combo time.

Effect - Code

Infinite AK-47 - chili on "Need a Ride" stage

Infinite Combat Shotgun (Spaz) - chili on "Ay Mama" stage

Infinite Grenade Launcher - chili on "Arena Del Toro" stage

Infinite Heavy Handgun (Python) - chili on "Mucho Manure" stage

Infinite Heavy Machine gun - chili on "Los Toros" stage

Infinite Hunting Rifle - chili on "Cargo Chaos" stage

Infinite M-16 - chili on "Rooftop Inferno" stage

Infinite Rifle - chili on "Something Rotten" stage

Infinite Rochet Launcher - chili on Final Mission stage

Infinite Shotgun - chili on "Abandon Ship" stage

Infinite Submachine Gun (Uzi) - chili on "Nice Wheels" stage
Cheat: Invincibility
Create a new Profile and type ERNESTO as your name.
Cheat: Skip Level with Gold Rank
During Gameplay, press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, then Select. You'll skip the level and complete it's challenge with a Gold Rank.
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