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Cheat: Ayame's Shuriken mini game
Obtain at least 500 medals.
Cheat: Bonus Weapons
Complete either game with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding weapon. Pete, Gourmand, Julia and Accel do not unlock items in the first Power Stone.

Amenomurakuno: Ryoma

Crystal Ball: Rouge

Decoy Bomb: Ayame

Giant Boots: Gunrock

Maches Chainsaw: Jack

Soccer Ball: Falcon

Stone Sweeper: Julia

Thunderbolt Rider: Accel

Totem Hammer: Galuda

Turbo Helmet: Pete

Twin Potion: Wang-Tang

Wok Gun: Gourmand
Cheat: Gunrock's Slot mini game
Obtain at least 1000 medals.
Cheat: Unlock Accel
Beat the game with Gourmond.
Cheat: Unlock Gourmond
Beat the Game with Julia.
Cheat: Unlock Julia
Beat the Game with Pete.
Cheat: Unlock Mel
Finish 1 on 3 mode with Pride.
Cheat: Unlock Original Special Weapons
Complete the game once with any character to unlock all the original secret weapons from Power Stone one.

Ray Gun: Beat Game Once

Power Shield: Beat Game Once

Nyoi-Bo: Beat Game Once

Machine Gun: Beat Game Once
Cheat: Unlock Pete
Beat the game once with any character.
Cheat: Unlock Pride and Kraken
Finish 1on 3 mode with Falcon.
Cheat: Unlock Valgas
Finish 1 on 3 mode with Kraken.
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