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Cheat: Achievements
Complete each achievement to get the gamer points.

Achievement How to Unlock
Beat the game! ( 150 points )Collect every Bolt Banner and earn every sticker in the game
Build Monster Mater ( 40 points )Find six monster truck parts in Radiator Springs so Luigi can build Monster Mater
Build Monster McQueen ( 25 points )Find two monster truck pieces, plus a new horn, so Luigi can build Monster McQueen
Find all Paintjobs ( 25 points )Find all 8 new paintjobs for Lightning McQueen
Find all wheel sets ( 35 points )Find all 8 new wheel sets for Lightning McQueen
Frank Slash ( 75 points )Tip all tractors before the time limit in each of the six levels of Tractor Tipping
Ghost Light ( 100 points )Scare Mater home in each of the seven Ghosting Mater levels
Golden Gas Can ( 75 points )Win each of the nine levels of Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy
High Draulics ( 75 points )Score well playing along with each of the seven songs in Ramone's Rhythmic Rumble
James P. Sullivan Cup ( 75 points )Qualify in the first two Waypoint Race Series races, then finish in the top three of the final
Race 'n' Chase Victor ( 75 points )Tag your opponent then zoom to your goal without being tagged in all nine Race 'n' Chase levels
Rust Bust ( 75 points )Qualify in the first three Rustbucket Series races, then win the final
Stick it to McQueen ( 25 points )Beat the three Radiator Springs road races and the Relay Race, then place in the first Stadium Race
Unlock Tailfin Pass ( 25 points )Beat the three Ornament Valley road races and the Relay Race, then place in the second Stadium race
Win all Road Races ( 75 points )Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley, and Tailfin Pass -- win all three races in each area
Win all Stadium Races ( 50 points )Finish first in all four races conducted in Lightning McQueen's new Racing Stadium

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