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Cheat: Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
Arctic Explorer ( 20 points )Complete Military Base Level.
Assist ( 20 points )Successfully execute a 2-player fusion attack.
Cold War Relic ( 20 points )Complete Red Ghost Level.
Doom Tracker ( 40 points )Find all of Doom’s Spy bots in the game.
Doomed ( 30 points )Defeat Dr. Doom.
Elemental Master ( 20 points )Defeat Terrax.
Fantastic Four ( 60 points )Find all of the silver four symbols.
Hero ( 120 points )Complete the game in normal difficulty mode.
Human Torch ( 80 points )Upgrade all of the Human Torch's Powers.
Invisible Woman ( 80 points )Upgrade all of the Invisible Woman's Powers.
Mr. Fantastic ( 80 points )Upgrade all of Mr. Fantastic's Powers.
Rock Crusher ( 20 points )Complete Terrax Level.
Shanghai Success ( 30 points )Complete Shanghai Level.
Skrull's Demise ( 20 points )Defeat Super Skrull.
Skrull Slayer ( 20 points )Complete Skrull Lair Level.
Superhero ( 160 points )Complete the game in Fantastic mode.
Thing ( 80 points )Upgrade all of The Thing's Powers.
Treasure Hunter ( 80 points )Successfully unlocked all content in game.
Wedding Crasher ( 20 points )Complete New York Level.

Cheat: Arctic Explorer (20 Pts)
Complete Military Base Level.
Cheat: Bonuses
Collect the indicated number of tokens to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Effect - Code

1990's Fantastic Four - 12 tokens

2000's Fantastic Four - 12 tokens

Comic Covers #1 - 4 tokens

Comic Covers #2 - 4 tokens

Game Concept Art - 4 tokens

Ultimate Costumes - 12 tokens
Cheat: Cold War Relic (20 Pts)
Complete Red Ghost Level.
Cheat: Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Hard mode and Skrull Arena.
Cheat: Doomed (30 Pts)
Defeat Dr. Doom.
Cheat: Easy character upgrade achievements
Replay a level (Act 1: Military Base recommended) several times. Build up enough points so that you can fully upgrade a character. Then, distribute the points until the character is maxed (achievement unlocked). Quit the campaign game, then repeat the process with another character for an easy 320 achievement points.
Cheat: Elemental Master (20 Pts)
Defeat Terrax.
Cheat: Filling the cosmic energy bar
At any time, do a taunt. The taunt may seem to do nothing, but it is actually filling a small part of your cosmic energy bar. The amount filled by each taunt varies. Note: It is recommended that this is done when there are no enemies around.
Cheat: Hero (160 Pts)
Complete the game in regular mode.
Cheat: Human Torch (110 Pts)
Upgrade all of the Human Torch's Powers.
Cheat: Invisible Woman (110 Pts)
Upgrade all of the Invisible Woman's Powers.
Cheat: Mr. Fantastic (110 Pts)
Upgrade all of Mr. Fantastic's Powers.
Cheat: Rock Crusher (20 Pts)
Complete Himalayas Level.
Cheat: Shanghai Surprise (20 Pts)
Complete Shanghai Level.
Cheat: Skrull Slayer (20 Pts)
Complete Skrull Lair Level.
Cheat: Skrull's Demise (20 Pts)
Defeat Super Skrull.
Cheat: Superhero (200 Pts)
Complete the game in Fantastic mode.
Cheat: Thing (110 Pts)
Upgrade all of The Thing's Powers.
Cheat: Walkthrough
Note: I have tried to list the achievements in the order you should be able to unlock them, but with achievements like the fully upgraded character achievements, these can be pretty much done whenever you want.

The numbering of the achievements however is based on how they appear on A360P

19 Assist

As soon as you start the game press and hold the LT and choose one of the characters from their highlighted face button, hit a face button and you will perform an assist move and in turn, unlock this achievement.

8 Skrull’s Demise Defeat the Super Skrull

Defeat the Super Skrull at the end of the Skrull Chapter. In the middle of the room is a globe with a shield surrounding it that protects the Super Skrull. Switch to the Human Torch or the Invisible Woman and fire projectiles at the globe to destroy the shield, which will weaken the Super Skrull. While the shield is down the Super Skrull is also vulnerable so switch to the Thing and use his Shockwave attack to do damage. The shield around the globe will regenerate and you just need to keep repeating this tactic until you have beaten the Super Skrull.

10 Skrull Slayer

Unlocked by finishing the Skrull Chapter.

12 Wedding Crasher

Unlocked by finishing the New York Chapter.

11 Cold War Relic

Unlocked by finishing the Red Ghost Chapter.

9 Elemental Master Defeat Terrax

As you begin the level, either wait for Terrax to strike the bell at the back of this level or strike the bell yourself. Reflective gems will come out of the floor but will be covered and the Thing is your best character for exposing the reflective gems. Once you have done this align the light beam source so that it strikes the Purple Crystal which in turn will hurt Terrax and be your hint

to attack him, as he is vulnerable at this stage.

Once he has recovered the reflective gems will be covered up again so repeat the previous tactic and attack Terrax once more. After he has recovered the second time all the reflective gems will disappear so strike the bell to get new ones to appear. Remove what is covering them and once again line them up to have the light beam strike the Purple Crystal. Repeat these tactics until you have beaten Terrax and a cut scene kicks in with Terrax falling to his death Achievementunlocked.

13 Rock Crusher

Unlocked by finishing the Terrax Chapter.

14 Artic Explorer

Unlocked by finishing the Military Base Chapter.

7 Doomed Defeat Doom

Doom is very easy to beat, but it is wise at this stage to have the Human Torches fireball attack upgraded fully.

Doom will fly around shooting at you and at the back of the level is a large laser of sorts with a button to press. Wait for Doom to fly in short circles and press the button... this will bring Doom down to the ground and make him vulnerable. Switch to the Human Torch and pound him with fireballs, being wary of Dooms shockwave attack. If he does this, a large green field will appear and all you need to do is stand outside the perimeter until he has activated it.

Keep repeating the tactic of waiting for Doom to fly in short circles before you press the button and using the Human Torch to launch fireball after fireball at Doom and you will beat him easily, and Achievement unlocked.

15 Shanghai Success

Unlocked by finishing the Shanghai Chapter.

5 Hero

Complete the game on normal setting

Note the difficulty achievements are not stackable, meaning you have to complete the game separately on both difficulties and you cannot carry your character stats over when changing difficulty if you change difficulty, starting a newgame, your character statistics will reset.

However, the Silver Four Symbol Coins and the Doom Bots you have already found will be carried over when you change difficulty.

6 Superhero

Complete the game on fantastic setting.

Note the difficulty achievements are not stackable, meaning you have to complete the game separately on both difficulties and you cannot carry your character stats over when changing difficulty if you change difficulty, starting a new game, your character statistics will reset.

However, the Silver Four Symbol Coins and the Doom Bots you have already found will be carried over when you change difficulty.

17 Fantastic Four Find all Silver Four Symbols

Credit goes to 'Supes' for posting this information on the A360P forum and to 'The Pants Party' for providing the original content.

Skrull Lair, Act 1

+Inside a rock in the corner of the first pressure plate room, where you have to have all four characters stand on the plate.

+Inside a rock in the room with the lava river, just after the mini-boss.

+In the corner of the room with the large battle at the end of the act.

Skrull Lair, Act 2

+ After you open the door to the long walkway with the mini-boss on it, it is just inside the door on the right side.

+ In the room where you first use Mr. Fantastic’s evade ability through the lasers, just inside the door on the left.

+ Behind a pillar during the Super Skrull fight. Just run around the room until you find it.

New York City, Act 1

+ In the corner of the room with the red carpet.

+ After you move the crane to get to the second building, go around back.

Subway Chase

+ Very near the beginning on the left side of the train cars.

New York City, Act 2

+ Behind a dumpster on the left side before the first barrier.

+ In a small opening on the left side before the third barrier.

Lincoln Tunnel

+After the first car pile-up on the left side.

+Further down the tunnel during another pile-up with a school bus, also left side.

Red Ghost, Act 1

+ Behind the first generator that you power with Johnny’s fire.

+ At the bottom of the ramp in the room with the three-story elevator.

+ On top of a steam grate in that same room.

Red Ghost, Act 2

+ After talking to Doom, it is in the boxes next to where the lasers were.

+ After disabling the first set of lasers in the giant generator room, go through the tunnel and they are underneath some indestructible boxes in the next room.

+ After killing four monkeys to disable another set of lasers, go straight in that room before you go to where the lasers are.

Terrax, Act 1

+ In the very first room, on the right side after some rocks.

+ Behind a lone lion statue in a blue-lit dead-end.

+ Just inside the large room with the yellow rocks hanging from the ceiling, right side.

Terrax, Act 2

+ After the lift, go to the right and dead-end into a statue. Right at the feet.

+ Instead of going inside the mountain, go straight and dead-end into another statue.

+ Behind the big statue on the third level of the mountain, after the two security levels.

+ In plain sight during the boss fight.

Military Base, Act 1

+ This is right in the beginning behind green lasers, but you can't get it right away. Progress through the level until you get to the computer that says "Open Security Bays" and then backtrack to the start. On the opposite side of the room. From the lasers, there is a white room now open with a power box high up. Hit that and go collect the coin.

+ When you get to the part where Ben says "Hey Big Brain, there's a computer" you're going to use the computer and backtrack out into the room with the circle desk in the middle. Go all the way across the room and inside this newly opened door is a breakable wall. It's behind there.

+ After Reed calls for a ride, go back the way you came. Go into the first room on the left, then turn around. On the wall near the ceiling is a power box, use Reed's RT+X move to break it. Continue down the way and the power grid blocking this coin will be gone.

Military Base, Act 2

+ During a somewhat large robot fight, break the wall on the left side.

+ In the back left corner during the second robot fight in the Skrull warship room, there is a small cubby with some boxes, break them to find it.

+ On the third level where you call the elevator, it is behind a green laser grid. The power box is in the left room, up high.

+ When you get to the missile silo, find a power box on one of the supports on the ground level and smash it. It appears to do nothing. Find a similar power box on every level as you go up the silo, but make sure it doesn't open a door or drop a laser field, because that's not the one you're looking for. If you get them all, a door on the top level will be open with a coin inside.


+ On the right side, use Johnny to fly up to a ledge and behind the building.

+ Further down the street, this time on the left side. Same method.

+ Further down again, back to the right side. Same method.

+ During the fight with Doom, all the way to the back of the area, behind a fence.

16 Treasure Hunter Unlock all content in game

You will get this achievement at the same time you unlock the Fantastic Four (silver coins) achievement

18 Doom Tracker Find all Doom Spy bots in the game

Credit goes to ‘Supes’ for posting this information on the A360P forum and to 'The Pants Party' for providing the original content.

Act 2, Skrull - Automatically get this to progress the story directly at the beginning of the level.

Act 2, Skrull - In the second room where you need one person on each pressure plate, it is in the left corner.

Act 1, NYC - On the building behind where you start, right side of the stairs when you turn around.

Act 2, NYC - In a small opening on the right side during the boss fight.

Act 1, Red Ghost - In the first room you fight monkeys in, go behind the objects with wings or whatever on it, it is on the ground, so use Ben's RT+B move.

Act 2, Red Ghost - On the console after you talk to Doom on the monitor.

Clobberin' Time - Turn around as soon as you start, it's on the wall.

Act 2, Terrax - In the first cubby on the right side, high up.

Act 1, Military Base - Right after Reed calls for a ride, go to the left and it's on a desk.

Act 2, Military Base - After taking the lift in the red room with all the desks, it is on the wall to the left, high up.

Act 2, Military Base - In the room directly after the last one, it is on the wall to the left of the computer.

Shanghai - On the left side somewhat close to the beginning of the level in a small alcove.

1 Mr Fantastic

2 Invisible Woman

3 Human Torch

4 Thing

The above four achievements are all the same but need to be done on a character-by-character basis. You will unlock these achievements by completely upgrading all the stats on each of the characters, and it is only at around the Military Base level that you finally get the chance to upgrade the final set... as level by level locked sets become unlocked allowing you to upgrade further.

NOTE 1 You are best to do these all on one difficulty, because as previously mentioned your character stats will not transfer when you start a new game/change the difficulty.

By far the easiest way to do this is to play the game as normal and spread your coin spend across all four characters as you just play through all the levels naturally... but my advice would be to upgrade Thing over anyone else as his shockwave attack is your fastest way of destroying whatever stands in your way and also pay attention to the Human Torches fireball attack.

During and/or Once you have finished a game on any difficulty, you have the ability to replay levels and this will of course come down to personal choice... but I found that by constantly replaying Military Act 1 I was able to amass a significant number of coins and get through the level in around 10 minutes. Then it is just a case of repeat, repeat, repeat until you have upgraded all characters.

My second piece of advice here is to totally ignore playing earlier levels as with levels like the Skrull as an example the coin value is less than it is in later levels.

NOTE 2 You do not get prompted on a replay to upgrade your character stats at the end of the level, but if you hit ‘BACK’ on your joypad at any time during gameplay on a level you can access the character upgrade screen here and as such upgrade on the fly when ever you want.
Cheat: Wedding Crasher (20 Pts)
Complete New York Level.
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