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Cheat: Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Death and Destruction ( 30 points )Do you want your party members to grow stronger? Try defeating lots of monsters.
Guru of the Mystic ( 30 points )Do you like collecting items? Try obtaining a certain one...
Hero of the Dawn ( 50 points )For a great challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task.
March of the Soldiers ( 10 points )Do you want a bigger party? Recruit some soldiers at a guild.
Monster Dismantler ( 20 points )Are you collecting components? Try taking apart lots of monsters.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ( 20 points )Do you recycle? Try taking apart lots of equipment.
The Battlemaster ( 20 points )Do you have a taste for blood? Participate in battles and find out.
The Dragonslayer ( 40 points )For a bigger challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest.
The Godslayer ( 140 points )For the biggest challenge of them all, defeat the monster they call The Fallen.
The Great Soldier ( 40 points )For a huge challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task.
The Guildmaster's Faith ( 10 points )Have you accepted the guild masters' challenges? Try finishing lots of guild tasks.
The Heir of Ultimate Fate ( 30 points )Have you been creating items? Try creating a certain one...
The Lone Fighter ( 30 points )Do you want a challenge? Defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest.
The Ravenous Hunter ( 30 points )How is Mr. Diggs? Try harvesting a certain item...
The Rules of Consecution ( 30 points )Are you keeping an eye on the chain count? Try to get as high a number as possible.
Timing is Everything ( 10 points )How is your hand-eye coordination? Try using Critical Triggers whenever possible.
Unleashing Secret Powers ( 10 points )Are you putting Timeshift to good use? Try using it as often as possible.

Cheat: Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game. You can start a new session with a cleared saved game with your previously earned components, formations, gold, magazines, maps, items that unlock arts for Rush; and Mr. Digg's status.
Cheat: Dragon's Liver
Go to the Great Sand Sea. In the Searing Cove, there will be a Spiritlord and Manticore (Nass). In the Searing Cauldron there will be just Manticore again, and you will find the dragon between the first and second spike northeast from the direction you entered. Save the game first, fight, and split him. If you do not get the liver, reload the game and repeat.
Cheat: Easy experience
Note: This takes a while and is very repetitive. This trick is done before you enter Dillmoor. It can be opened up during the story line, which is the third area opened, but do not enter it or you will lose this chance. At the beginning of the game when the Ruins of Robelia Castle and Gaslin Caves are opened up, or as Dillmoor is opened up, there is a way to keep leveling up for a long period of time before moving on. You can do it all three ways actually. When choosing to enter either Robelia Castle or Gaslin Caves you will be grouped with Pagus or Blockter. Keep going back into that area and fight until you can make it through the area without leveling up once through the whole map and use the appropriate fighting technique (Mystic Attacks in Robelia Castle or Combat Arts in Gaslin Caves). As you do this, your characters will learn more of those skills. If you chose to wait until Dillmoor is opened, do not enter that area or you will lose the leveling ability. Instead, have your two parties run in and out of both Robelia Castle and Gaslin Caves until you do not level up at all running through both areas. Even if you are close to exiting the second area you selected and have one character level up, go through them both again. This is the easiest and most efficient way to level up early in the game, and it keeps your characters leveling up for a very long time. Note that you cannot do the time warp. If you go into Dillmoor you will lose the chance for this leveling up trick. This also gives you the chance to get and sell a lot of your components and gather the rare ones, like the bracelet. Remember that Chimera components are difficult to find; do not sell them. This trick also gives you the chance to get the money together to afford two of every item in Athlum and to save to get two of every item in Celepaleis. Remember to buy the Flamberg for 7,500. Equip it and keep using it until you can unlock its secret attack. This will take some time.

You will have another way to make money and the seldom level up after entering Dillmoor. Visit each area at least 150 times. This will also unlock the special monsters that are in each area, such as the special Landworm in the high chambers of Robelia Castle (before you open up the upper area with Emma), and the flying dragon or land dragon in Dillmoor, and the land dragon and twp other special monsters to fight in Gaslin Caves. This will work better if you have an accessory with an addition to Occurrences. These monsters will not show up until you go through Dillmoor, Baulson's Quest, and Celepaleis.
Cheat: Easy money
Go to Nagapur. Talk to the person upstairs and accept the "Cosmo Maiden" quest. Go to Crookfen and find the maiden. Fight the dragon (Bai ze) in the middle of map. Capture but do not complete the quest. Exit at the bottom of map at the southeast corner. Guest union will leave. Go back to Nagapur and talk to the same person. Choose the "Sure see you in a bit" option and repeat the quest until you have the desired amount of money. Bai ze sells for 28,800 gold.
Cheat: Gain stats quickly
Avoid unnecessary battles with low level enemies. You'll know this when your allied morale (blue) is greater than the enemy's. To raise your party's stats almost EVERY BATTLE, deliberately start the battle with the enemy's morale greater than yours; technically speaking... allow enemies to ambush you and get the first strike.

Do this one enemy at a time to avoid to much problem. It will take a while and you won't get that much components but this is guaranteed to boost your party's stats immensely without speeding up the increase of your Battle Rank (higher BR = difficulty against enemies)
Cheat: Halting a pursuing monster
When running from a monster because your timeshift gauge is still recharging or if you just want to avoid battles, you can halt them temporarily by examining any point of interest - like dig points, chests or signs/machines. You can use this short span of time to escape completely.
Cheat: Recommended dual wield weapons
Use the following weapon combinations when dual wielding.

Axes Shielding and Enchanted Hawkwind (start with Tomahawks level to +3)

Katana's Parrying and Aura Tataraichi (start with Katana level to +3)
Cheat: Recommended leaders
Use the following leaders: Rush++, David with Frostblade++, Jager+, Emmy, Adv Jorgen, Nora, Khrynia, Pagus, Oakes, Torgal+, Wyngale++, Caedmon, Blocter++, Gaou+, Duke of Ghor, and Baulson.
Cheat: Ring of the Labyrinth Guild
The Ring of the Labyrinth is an optional guild that can only be unlocked by completing Emmy's "The Fated One"sidequest in Athlum. They offer similar tasks but the set of items, monsters and weapons they seek are different from Golden Chalice and Sword of the Three Realms's.
Cheat: Secret Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
The Bloodhunter ( 30 points )You have defeated over 30 monsters in one battle. You must have lots of rare items!
Living Rich ( 10 points )You have obtained over 200,000G. Are you taking your friends out for nice meals?
Lost Words of the Gods ( 10 points )You have spent over 100,000G. Would you like some investment advice?
The Final Instance ( 200 points )You have finished the quest "Things Unchangeable." Congratulations!
The Last Remnant ( 200 points )You have defeated the Absolute Conqueror. Perhaps YOU are the Last Remnant...

Cheat: Sword of the Three Realms
This exclusive guild in Celapaleis can be unlocked by completing two sidequests for Baron Nielsen. You'll also have the chance to recruit his wife Violet and her companion, Gabriel.
Cheat: The Enlightened Seven

Unlockable How to unlock
HannahGo to Balterossa then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit her.
HinnahGo to Nagapur then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit her.
LudopeGo to Melphina then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit him.
MiltonGo to Royotia then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit him.
SnievanGo to Elysion then to the Ring Of The Labyrinth to recruit him.
YoungGo to Baaluk then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit him.
ZuidoGo to Ghor then to the Ring Of The Labyrinth to recruit him.

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