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Cheat: Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Time Challenge (10 points)Successfully complete the first level within par time.
Scrutonian Savior (10 points)Complete levels 1-5 in normal mode.
Libitino Liberator (15 points)Complete levels 6-10 in normal mode.
Floratone Freedom (20 points)Complete levels 11-15 in normal mode.
Screwjumper First Class! (25 points)Complete levels 16-20 in normal mode.
Triple-Digit Destructo (15 points)Destroy 100 or more objects in a single level.
Untouchable (10 points)Take no damage for the duration of an entire level.
Multiplayer Madman (10 points)Attain first place in an Xbox LIVE game.
The Iron Screwjumper (40 points)Complete endurance mode.
Speed Freak (15 points)Complete levels 1-20 in Time Trial Mode.
Leader of the Pack (15 points)Complete levels 1-13 in race mode.
Mayhemius Maximus (15 points)Achieve a score of 50,000,000 in any mode.

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