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Cheat: Achievements
The following are all the achievements that can be unlocked in the game. They total to 200 points total.

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Achievement|How to Unlock

Apprentice ( 5 points )|Play 3 characters in any mode

Art Connoisseur ( 5 points )|Explore the different areas in the Museum.

Champion ( 25 points )|Beat Time Attack Mode in under 4 minutes.

Close Call ( 15 points )|Defeat an opponent under adverse conditions.

Conqueror ( 25 points )|Beat 25 opponents in Extra Survival Mode.

Edge Master ( 30 points )|Beat Arcade Mode with all characters.

Guardian ( 15 points )|Perform 25 consecutive bursts with Freestyle set to Guard Impact in Practice Mode.

Noble Soul ( 25 points )|Beat the game in Ultra Hard without losing a round.

Ring Out ( 15 points )|Finish Time Attack Mode with all Ring Outs.

Summon Suffering ( 20 points )|Perform the move Summon Suffering with Ivy.

Warrior ( 10 points )|Complete Arcade Mode.

Zen Warrior ( 10 points )|Play 3 characters in any Mode.


Cheat: Metallic Characters
While at the Character Select Screen, hold down the Right Trigger and choose any character by pressing A, and your character should look Metallic when the battle begins.
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